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Why Donate Unwanted Electronics?


They say charity is its own reward and that is why your technology donation is so important. 


A donated computer in the hands of a person who is disabled or who is long term unemployed can suddenly reveal many new educational, social and professional opportunities. With the right technology and training to help that person along, you don’t just get a ‘thank you’…you get a future with a more educated and productive community around you.


Perhaps as important is how you’re helping the environment. By recycling your technology, you help to greatly reduce the amount of e-waste that goes into landfills. Corporate donation could also mean an augmented tax deduction. Get involved and sponsor an ‘Electronics Round-Up' event in your community. One of our knowledable volunteers will be glad to help you. Call and learn how you can help today!


Where does my Donation Go?


Buffalo ReuseIT, Inc. enhances educational and professional opportunities for those who are seeking computer technology but do not have the means to obtain it on their own. All donated equipment is refurbished and used to support our community donation programs throughout Western New York. Unlike other organizations that resell donated items for profit, you can be sure that your donation will not be used in this manner. Buffalo ReuseIT, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and a registered New York state charity that will continue to pursue our mission of providing low cost and free technology services to the community. Over the past few years, we have donated equipment to foster children, veterans, the disabled and many more.


Technology Donation Procedures...


1. Call (716) 240-0867 or e-mail a list of computer equipment that you would like to donate. Please include the type of items you are donating and condition of the items. We’ll sort through things later.


2. We’ll contact you to arrange pick-up of your items (only for large donations) or you can simply let us know when you’ll be stopping by our offices to drop your items off.


3. You will receive a donation receipt for your donation reflecting the estimated salvage value of your items within 1-2 business days. 


Donations by Check


If you are interested in supporting Buffalo ReuseIT, Inc. with your generous monetary donation, you can make your check payable to Buffalo ReuseIT, Inc. and mail it to:


Buffalo ReuseIT, Inc.

255 Great Arrow Ave.

Suite 216B (Second floor)

Buffalo, NY 14207


Our staff will send you a letter of thanks and a receipt reflecting the exact amount of your monetary donation. All donations to Buffalo ReuseIT, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax-deductible.


Donations by Credit Card


If you are interested in supporting Buffalo ReuseIT, Inc. via credit card donation, please contact our office for details.


All other questions can be directed to our volunteer staff...


Phone: (716) 240-0867




Thank you for your support and helping us to realize our mission!

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